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In adult patients with diabetes not adequately controlled on mealtime insulin

Talk to Your Doctor About SYMLIN

If you have not achieved desired blood sugar control despite optimal mealtime insulin therapy, adding SYMLIN® (pramlintide acetate) injection may be an appropriate treatment option.

You can prepare for a discussion with your healthcare provider so that you know beforehand the points you want to cover and the questions you want to ask. Download our handy Doctor Discussion Guide, which contains some sample questions you can use at your next healthcare provider’s appointment when discussing your treatment options and whether adding SYMLIN to your mealtime insulin therapy may be right for you.

Talk to your healthcare provider about a plan to treat low blood sugar. You should have fast-acting sugar (such as hard candy, glucose tablets, juice) or glucagon for injection with you at all times. Call your healthcare provider if you have severe low blood sugar or have low blood sugar more often than normal.

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Review answers to frequently asked questions about SYMLIN.

Is SYMLIN Right for You?

Get a list of questions to ask your healthcare provider and see if adding SYMLIN is an option for you.