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Savings and Support Information

Living with diabetes is difficult at times. When you need support, our SYMLIN Care Partners are here for you, ready to help you with your questions about SYMLIN® (pramlintide acetate) injection. Whether you need answers about your prescription coverage and copay or want to speak with a nurse about your medication, we're here to help.

Discover how our SYMLIN Care Partners can help connect you to a variety of support services, tips, and information:

Savings Card Support >

Eligible patients may activate or request a MySavingsRx Card to help make prescriptions more affordable.

Insurance Support >

Questions about your prescription coverage? Our trained SYMLIN Prescription Coverage Counselors can help you determine your copay amount and answer questions.*

Nurse Support >

SYMLIN nurses are ready to help answer your questions about your AstraZeneca medication and how to administer your injection.

SYMLIN Care Partners >

Think of them as a personal advisor—a single point of contact for helpful information about SYMLIN.

*Prescription Coverage Counselors do not file claims or appeals on behalf of patients or healthcare professionals. Coverage or copay amounts may change prior to the time of actual prescription fill.

Our nurses cannot provide medical advice. Decisions regarding your health and treatment of your condition should be made with your own healthcare provider.

Start Saving Today!*

Activate or request your MySavingsRx Card here.

*Eligibility Requirements and Terms of Use apply.

Using SymlinPen

Find out more about using SymlinPen 60 and SymlinPen 120.

Is SYMLIN Right for You?

Get a list of questions to ask your healthcare provider and see if adding SYMLIN is an option for you.