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SYMLIN Prescription Coverage  Counselors

Having a hard time understanding your prescription coverage?

The details of your SYMLIN prescription coverage can be confusing. Our specially trained SYMLIN Prescription Coverage Counselors* can help walk you through your prescription coverage and benefit verification.

By going over a few factors such as your location and prescription insurance, they can help you determine your copay amount and provide information to help you process your benefit verification. Whether you’re just getting started on SYMLIN or recently changed your insurance coverage, our counselors will help you figure it out. The best part is, it can all be done with a simple phone call.

Call 1-888-SYMLIN-1 (1-888-796-5461) toll-free.

Ask to speak to one of our SYMLIN Care Partners today.

Care Partners are available 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.

*Prescription Coverage Counselors do not file claims or appeals on behalf of patients or healthcare professionals. Coverage or copay amounts may change prior to the time of actual prescription fill.


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Nurse Support

Our nurses can go over the injection process with you over the phone.

Is SYMLIN Right for You?

Get a list of questions to ask your healthcare provider and see if adding SYMLIN is an option for you.